Lighting Design & Supply For Homes

When it comes to building or refurbishing your dream house, lighting is an integral part of your interior design.

Creating a lighting plan for your home can be an exciting experience, but it can also be really stressful. From planning, design, to installation, there are many points of concern. ⁣

Below we share 6 of the most common challenges that homeowners like you can face, and how we can help you overcome them and get the most out of your lighting project.

How to Design the Lighting for Your Home

Studio/ Condominium/Apartment

Studios, Condominiums and apartments come with their own set of challenges—limited space, low ceilings, or short narrow rooms. If you have a small studio, apartment or condo, you will want to make use of the space and not have it cluttered with lamps and more lamps. Track lighting would be a great lighting option as they use up minimal space and offer flexibility of use. Track lighting combined with recessed lighting will ensure that every corner of a space is sufficiently lit, helping open up your small space.

Terrace Houses

Terrace houses are known for poor lighting, ventilation and spatial flow where each dwelling unit is within the defined boundary. A good lighting scheme is crucial to improve the living environment of terrace house. For general lighting, you may use recessed wall lamps, sconces, as well as pendant lamps, as these provide an even glow across space. You can also install spotlights or step lights along the walkway to ensure a safe walk for you and your guests.

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Semi-D /Bungalow

Semi-D / Bungalow tend to have high ceilings and need special lighting considerations. There are three types of lighting typically used in layering in a large space: ambient, accent and task. In a room with a high ceiling, it's important to illuminate the upper part of the walls so the room doesn’t look cave-like and spooky. You can place a row of recessed lights about 2-3 feet from the wall, and install larger lighting fixtures e.g. a cluster of pendant lights or a single hanging chandelier to spread light over a larger area, without leaving some sections of a room in the dark.

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Fast & Detailed Lighting Design Packages

Save 33%
Lighting Design Starter PackageLighting Design Starter Package
Sale priceRM599.00 MYR Regular priceRM899.00 MYR
Lighting Design Starter Package
Save 49%
Lighting Design Professional PackageLighting Design Professional Package
Sale priceRM2,499.00 MYR Regular priceRM4,899.00 MYR
Lighting Design Professional Package
Save 38%
Lighting Design Premium PackageLighting Design Premium Package
Sale priceRM5,999.00 MYR Regular priceRM9,750.00 MYR
Lighting Design Premium Package

Home Lighting Supply Packages

A well-designed lighting will enhance the beauty and functionality of your beloved home interior design. Browse through our home lighting packages and find a package that best suits your needs and budget.

Grab all lighting for your home in one order.

Why You Need Lighting Design?

With over 30 years of experience providing total lighting solutions for our clients, we will help you overcome all challenges, design and select lighting that meets your unique style and budget easily.

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Projects Behind Our Success

A brief look at some of our lighting projects for residential, commercial, retail and industrial projects of all sizes.

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Felicia & Bryan H.

We save a lot on lighting budgets with the home lighting packages. This is the 2nd time we worked with Brandon from Lightmart365. He always listens to our thoughts and needs. No matter what we ask, he always provide the right solutions. Each time, he created practical, energy-efficient, beautiful lighting for our homes. The services and products we received are definitely worth the price we paid.

Nur Izzati Binti Zainuddin

I baru je dapat kunci rumah tapi langsung tiada idea nak start design lampu rumah. Nasib baik, Lightmart365 banyak berikan bimbingan dan inspirasi untuk saya. Overall, memang puas hati dengan design dan servis mereka.

Decorative Lighting For Your Home

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ROXANA | Tetrahedron Pendant ClusterROXANA | Tetrahedron Pendant Cluster
Sale priceRM89.90 MYR
ROXANA | Tetrahedron Pendant Cluster
OLYMPIA | Clear Disc PendantOLYMPIA | Clear Disc Pendant
Sale priceRM149.90 MYR
OLYMPIA | Clear Disc Pendant
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SHERIDAN | Crystal Layered ChandelierSHERIDAN | Crystal Layered Chandelier
Sale priceFrom RM384.90 MYR
SHERIDAN | Crystal Layered Chandelier
Choose options
OLYMPIA | Iron Glass Melt PendantOLYMPIA | Iron Glass Melt Pendant
Sale priceRM299.90 MYR
OLYMPIA | Iron Glass Melt Pendant
Choose options
HESTIA | Grey Layered PendantHESTIA | Grey Layered Pendant
Sale priceRM349.90 MYR
HESTIA | Grey Layered Pendant
ROXANA | Cage Pendant ClusterROXANA | Cage Pendant Cluster
Sale priceRM129.90 MYR
ROXANA | Cage Pendant Cluster
Save 30%
ARTHEMIS | Nordic Lantern PendantARTHEMIS | Nordic Lantern Pendant
Sale priceRM52.15 MYR Regular priceRM74.50 MYR
ARTHEMIS | Nordic Lantern Pendant
Save 30%
ARTHEMIS | Nordic Flat PendantARTHEMIS | Nordic Flat Pendant
Sale priceRM52.15 MYR Regular priceRM74.50 MYR
ARTHEMIS | Nordic Flat Pendant
Save 30%
ARTHEMIS | Nordic Cone PendantARTHEMIS | Nordic Cone Pendant
Sale priceRM52.15 MYR Regular priceRM74.50 MYR
ARTHEMIS | Nordic Cone Pendant
Save 33%
DREAM | Cat Wall LightDREAM | Cat Wall Light
Sale priceRM87.80 MYR Regular priceRM131.30 MYR
DREAM | Cat Wall Light

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