What Is The Spotlight Production System™? (TSPS)

We are proud to introduce our latest one-stop lighting solutions, which called The Spotlight Production System (TSPS). This system covers the services from consultation, design, supply and technical support in terms of lighting. We want to brighten up your house like a spotlight, with our passions, skills and aesthetic design ideas. We are clear about the common challenges that our customers are facing while planning the lights for their houses, and we know how to overcome it.

If you are also facing some problems now during the light planning of your house, no worries! Continue with us and see what our TSPS can do for you.

Lack Of Design Ideas?

You might desire for a stylish lighting design but you couldn't tell exactly what kind of lighting that meets your taste of arts.

No worries, T.S.P.S. designer team is ready to share with you on how to create your own lighting design. Or even easier, we design for you!

Taylor Made Design Solution

Limited Budget?

Budget is always the most realistic barrier when you gonna do something big. Most of the creative designs are being limited by the budget and failed to be visualized, we do not want this happen on you too!

T.S.P.S. practices value engineering on our clients' projects, we guarantee the outcome while reducing the cost.

Reduce Your Lighting Cost Now

More Than Lighting Supply

Lightmart365 is not going to stop as a lighting supplier. One of the most unique service from T.S.P.S. is we do provide on-site support. Our experienced technician team can drop by your site and advice your constructor on the installation progress.

We take care of your lighting performance from the installation step.

Schedule An On-Site Support

More Services From T.S.P.S.

You Might Wondering...

"Why should I choose T.S.P.S. instead of purchasing lights from the lighting shops out there?"

Stick with us, now we are going to tell you what are things that we can do better than the lighting shops which you can see them everywhere.

One Big Surprise Before You Go...!!!

Can you imagine how special it is when we mentioned about "Special Lighting"? Now we will let you see, sign up our package now and we will share with you our special lighting catalogue, which including pendant lights, chandelier, bedside lamp and many different variations.

So, what are you waiting for?

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