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Apply the right lighting to make your life smooth
What is task lighting?

It is lighting intended to properly illuminate common visual tasks in the home. Usually, such visual tasks are done in relatively small areas so the task lighting is local rather than spread out over a whole room. Examples are reading, sewing, cooking, grooming, dressing, and doing homework, laundry and puzzles.

Why is special lighting required for tasks?

Because many visual tasks can be difficult to see – especially if older eyes are involved. Good task lighting reduces eye strain and fatigue. There are many lighting fixtures and products designed specifically to illuminate task areas to make it easy to clearly see details with minimum glare.

Tip: Look at the words and numbers on postage stamps, coins or printed money under normal room light. Then illuminate the same details with a bright flashlight. Notice how many more details can be seen with the flashlight and how much easier it is to read or see colors.