Custom Lighting & Designs

Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal, Livability & Value of Your Home with Custom Lighting

Adding attractive custom lighting not only enhances livability and aesthetic appeal, but also increases the value of your home. According to a number of studies, homeowners who add custom lighting to their home can expect to recoup 60% percent of their investment when they sell the property.

Are you looking for ways to increase the value of your home? Do you want to get a custom lighting plan that blends in seamlessly with your space’s décor while reflecting your personality and catering to your individual needs?

Every room of your home deserves to be unique. Custom lighting gives you complete control over the design and presentation of the light fixtures in your home or commercial space.

Our custom lighting design team can help you create a fixture that incorporates your desired style, size, material, finish, and function. From made to order, customizable through to fully bespoke lights, we will work with you throughout every step of the process and ensure that you meet your budget, deadline, and project requirements.

6 Reasons You Need Custom Lighting

• Increase In Value

Make your property look more attractive and increase its future resale value.

• Enhance Interior Design
Accentuate the aesthetic beauty of your home while reflecting your personal style, taste and hence social status.

• Sets Ambiance
Create the ambiance you want or add a touch of uniqueness to your space. (Improve mood, atmosphere, and social interactions)

• Save Time and Money
Customized design and solutions that fit both your interior décor and budget.

• Save Energy
Lighting can be improved to become more energy efficient.

• Provide Better Safety
Improve physical factors such as visibility, security and safety (helps reduce accidents)

Personalize Your Space With Custom Lighting

Looking for something different and unique? Or perhaps you want to design something that’s entirely your own creation. We would love to help you create just what you are looking for, whether it be a simple change to one of our existing models or a completely bespoke one-of-a-kind statement piece.

Create Your Unique Masterpiece

Custom lighting can add color and style to existing light fixtures in your home, or add a unique touch to new construction or remodels. You can choose from any of our existing designs, or we can create a custom design to best complement your décor. We’ll work together on the color, size, material, shape and style that’s best for your space.

Bestspoke Lighting Services

If you are interested in a custom design, simply send a message via the enquiry form below or WhatsApp and let us know what you have in mind. If you provide a simple sketch of your intention or a photo of your space that will really help too.

We'll get back to you with any questions we have, some ideas and an indication of pricing.

Design. Build. Customize

New To Our Collection

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Sale priceFrom RM1,235.00 MYR
VELICIA | Black Vertigo Pendant Light
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Sale priceRM299.90 MYR
OLYMPIA | Iron Glass Melt Pendant
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Sale priceFrom RM1,899.00 MYR
ARIES | Modern Nordic LED Pendant
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Vency | Flower Ceiling LightVency | Flower Ceiling Light
Sale priceFrom RM1,499.00 MYR
Vency | Flower Ceiling Light
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