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What Could Go Wrong If You Installed Lighting in Your Home Without Considering Good Lighting Practice, Product Quality and Its Performance?

Experience The Difference Of A Good Lighting Practice and With Engineering-Approach That Transform Your Home!

People used to choose lighting based on how it made them feel, but these decisions had never been tested. Now, you can make more informed decisions using design guidelines and calculations. Lighting without glare and harsh shadows, but with a pleasant color temperature, is important for the health and comfort of occupants. Designing lighting with good lighting practice takes this into consideration. And here are the several benefits demonstrate:

Overall, good lighting practice in lighting design can improve the quality of life for regular consumers by providing a comfortable, safe, and visually appealing environment and performance.

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Eliminate Guesswork and Inconsistency Advice Based On Your Consultants’ Experience. With The Power Of Lighting Calculation Software - A True Engineering Approach

With engineering calculations, you can view the overall brightness with certainty. A better lighting arrangement can be made according to the data from the calculations. Ensure sufficient brightness is provided to improve the visibility, productivity, and safety of you and your loved ones.

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Let The Numbers Do The Talking

Our professional lighting designers always believe in numbers. The numerical data output from the calculation allows our designers to make informed decisions about the placement and selection of lighting fixtures, and to optimize the design for energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Without this data, the lighting design may not be as effective or efficient as it could be.

Diagram Output For Better Visualization

Lighting calculation can also produce a lux level diagram, typically displays the distribution of light across a space, with different colors or shades indicating the different levels of illuminance or lux. It helps our designer to evaluate and adjust the lighting design plan to achieve the desired lighting levels and uniformity across the space.

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Precision Calculation Is Important To Eliminate Unprofessional Lighting Advice

Engineering based calculation can determine the optimal lighting levels and configurations for a given space, based on factors such as room size and ceiling height. Precision calculations can also help to identify potential issues or areas of concern in a lighting design, such as excessive glare or uneven lighting levels. By identifying and addressing these issues early on in the design process, lighting designers can avoid costly and time-consuming revisions down the line.

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Lighting Design Packages

When designing or renovating a home, lighting plays a crucial role in the interior design. Developing a lighting plan for your home can be both exhilarating and overwhelming, as there are multiple steps involved, from planning to installation. To assist you in tackling your lighting project, we have outlined six common challenges homeowners may encounter and ways to overcome them.

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Quick Detailed Lighting Design Packages

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These Lights Suit Your Home Well

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RiO | LTM401 Track Light 9WRiO | LTM401 Track Light 9W
Sale priceRM65.50 MYR Regular priceRM93.90 MYR
RiO | LTM401 Track Light 9W
RiO | LTM503 Track Light 12WRiO | LTM503 Track Light 12W
Sale priceRM127.90 MYR Regular priceRM183.00 MYR
RiO | LTM503 Track Light 12W
RiO | 2T705 Track LightRiO | 2T705 Track Light
Sale priceRM96.50 MYR Regular priceRM137.90 MYR
RiO | 2T705 Track Light
ARES | Surface Ceiling Light 5W 7W 10WARES | Surface Ceiling Light 5W 7W 10W
Sale priceFrom RM66.90 MYR Regular priceRM95.50 MYR
ARES | Surface Ceiling Light 5W 7W 10W
ORNATE SPECIAL | Strip Light 14.4W X 5M 12VORNATE SPECIAL | Strip Light 14.4W X 5M 12V
Sale priceRM135.90 MYR Regular priceRM170.90 MYR
ORNATE SPECIAL | Strip Light 14.4W X 5M 12V
ORNATE |  Single Color Strip Light 4.8WX5M 12VORNATE |  Single Color Strip Light 4.8WX5M 12V
Sale priceRM77.90 MYR Regular priceRM97.50 MYR
ORNATE | Single Color Strip Light 4.8WX5M 12V
IWACHI | Round Recessed Ceiling Panel DownlightIWACHI | Round Recessed Ceiling Panel Downlight
Sale priceFrom RM9.90 MYR Regular priceRM21.80 MYR
IWACHI | Round Recessed Ceiling Panel Downlight
IWACHI | Square Recessed Ceiling Panel DownlightIWACHI | Square Recessed Ceiling Panel Downlight
Sale priceFrom RM9.90 MYR Regular priceRM21.80 MYR
IWACHI | Square Recessed Ceiling Panel Downlight


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