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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 products
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WiZ | Recessed Downlight 5" 6"WiZ | Recessed Downlight 5" 6"
Sale priceFrom RM73.90 MYR Regular priceRM89.90 MYR
WiZ | Recessed Downlight 5" 6"
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WiZ | Motion SensorWiZ | Motion Sensor
Sale priceRM125.00 MYR Regular priceRM155.90 MYR
WiZ | Motion Sensor
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WiZ | RGB Dimmable Smart Bulb 9W E27WiZ | RGB Dimmable Smart Bulb 9W E27
Sale priceFrom RM57.90 MYR Regular priceRM69.90 MYR
WiZ | RGB Dimmable Smart Bulb 9W E27
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WiZ | Strip Extension 1MeterWiZ | Strip Extension 1Meter
Sale priceRM72.90 MYR Regular priceRM79.90 MYR
WiZ | Strip Extension 1Meter
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Sale priceRM69.90 MYR Regular priceRM79.90 MYR
Save 16%
WiZ | Strip 2Meter Starter KitWiZ | Strip 2Meter Starter Kit
Sale priceRM251.90 MYR Regular priceRM299.90 MYR
WiZ | Strip 2Meter Starter Kit

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