Lighting Design & Supply For F&B Outlets

How can you get higher quality lighting solutions while saving up to 50% of your project budget, and still create ambience and set the right mood to impress your customers that make them come back for more?

In the catering world, the eye also plays a role in the dish's taste. The same applies to the type of lighting you choose for your business. Lighting sets an atmosphere for those who visit and gives them great expectations of what they'll experience in and out of your establishment.

Making a mistake in choosing the lighting could ruin this experience.

According to recent research, 72% of guests who entered by chance left the restaurant even before the service began due to poor or excessive lighting, while 74%, appreciating the welcoming and relaxing atmosphere created by the lighting, stayed longer. This data shows how important it is to choose the right lighting solution for your restaurant/bar/club.

However, as the F&B operator, there is a long To-Do-Lists for keeping your business up and running smoothly. Taking care of Lighting at your premise during the renovation stage can be like adding another dish onto an already fully loaded plate where you can hardly stomach it anymore.

We can feel you BUT WAIT, here are the 8 BENEFITS if you take a little of your attention and start working with us:

1. Save On Lighting Budget

Save up to 50% of your lighting budget and electricity cost by having power efficient lighting and control system (more saving).

2. Increase Your Business Profits

Better planning and lighting design from the lighting expert that will leave a remarkable impression on your customers and make them want to come back for more. (Yes, we would be happy to work with your Interior Designer/Contractor to further enhance their "already good" proposal).

3. Customize Your Lighting

Customize feature lighting that is uniquely yours and stands out from your competitors.

4. Deliver Projects on Time

No delay in product delivery as you are in control of the product directly.

5. Boost Employee Productivity

Increase your workers' performance and reduce accidents by having good task lighting (Yes, we design in compliance to the International Lighting Standard (IES) recommendation.)

6. Reduce Maintenance Costs

Ensure the product you receive are of good quality and long-lasting (reducing the long-term maintenance cost)

7. Ease of Operation

Avoid hassle with ease of operation and maintenance solution.

8. Maintain Hygiene & Cleanliness

A solution that helps you achieve more cleanliness and hygiene in your restaurant. (That's our secret source that every F&B owners love).

We are living in tough times dealing with pandemic and ridiculous inflation. Every penny saved will help your business be resilient in this challenging moment. With over 30 years of experience in providing total lighting solutions to commercial, industrial and residential clients, we are here to help you save up to 50% on lighting costs while making your customers and co-workers happy with the atmosphere/experience you are trying to create for them.

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Lighting Ideas for The 3 Most Popular & Profitable Restaurant Types

Fast Casual Restaurant

Fast casual restaurants prioritize quick service and turnover, brighter lights help stimulate your guests, encouraging them to eat their food quickly and freeing up the table for another customer.

If you want your restaurant to feel brighter and spacious, try installing skylights on your ceiling, or getting lighter color pendant lights, such as white.

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Dimming the lights is one of the easiest methods of creating mood lighting conditions with minimum resources and effort.

At the end of the day, your customers need to feel relaxed after a long day at work. Low-intensity lighting should be used after sunset to give them an intimate and calming environment where they can completely relax and rewind.

Low-lighting setup is also pretty cost-effective as it consumes less energy, which means a modest electricity bill.

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Fine Dining Restaurant

Fine dining restaurants usually use dim ambient or low lighting to create a relaxing and romantic mood.

Dinnertime is the most popular time to go out for fine dining, since customers can sit back and relax after their day.

When you provide them with a relaxing atmosphere, your customers may linger and spend more on food, drinks, and dessert, giving you a higher profit.

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Projects Behind Our Success

A brief look at some of our lighting projects for commercial, retail, industrial, and residential projects of all sizes.

8 Ways We Can Help You On Your Business

Save On Lighting Budget

Increase Your Business Profits

Customize Your Lighting

Deliver Projects on Time

Boost Employee Productivity

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Ease of Operation

Maintain Hygiene & Cleanliness

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Decorative Lighting For Restaurants & Bars

LEO | Rod Pendant LightLEO | Rod Pendant Light
Sale priceFrom RM126.50 MYR
LEO | Rod Pendant Light
Choose options
URUS | Noctambule Pendant LightURUS | Noctambule Pendant Light
Sale priceRM2,357.92 MYR
URUS | Noctambule Pendant Light
NERO | Chrona Dish SuspensionNERO | Chrona Dish Suspension
Sale priceRM550.00 MYR
NERO | Chrona Dish Suspension
Choose options
NIOR | Angel Pendant LightNIOR | Angel Pendant Light
Sale priceFrom RM989.00 MYR
NIOR | Angel Pendant Light
Choose options
Orbit | Modern Led Indoor Pendant LightOrbit | Modern Led Indoor Pendant Light
Royal | Gold Double Glass Pendant LampRoyal | Gold Double Glass Pendant Lamp
Sale priceRM1,150.00 MYR
Royal | Gold Double Glass Pendant Lamp
Choose options
Orb | Long Line Ball ChandelierOrb | Long Line Ball Chandelier
Sale priceRM200.00 MYR
Orb | Long Line Ball Chandelier
Petal | Ceramic Chandelier Pendant LightPetal | Ceramic Chandelier Pendant Light
SPERA | Septima Pendant LightSPERA | Septima Pendant Light
Sale priceRM999.90 MYR
SPERA | Septima Pendant Light

Client Testimonials

Siti Aatiya

Lightmart365 was recommended by my interior designer for having an excellent reputation. I was really happy to have the beautiful lighting to fit my cafe's interior décor, theme and budget. Not only they provide energy saving solutions, but also increase the quality of light and reduce the lamp replacement costs. No other lighting stores could offer the knowledge, technical support, service and savings they provided.

Vihaan Muthu R.

was looking for design ideas for my bar and the team recommended me to install a smart lighting system which I had never thought about before. From beginning to the end of my project, the team always offer guidance and solutions to help keep me on budget and on time. The well-designed smart lighting system give off a cool, modern vibe to my bar and I have noticed an increase in patrons return to my bar. I really appreciate their professionalism, efficiency and good services!

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