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A café isn't just about good food and coffee, but the overall vibe is high on the priority, too. Have you ever thought about how can lighting design impact the success of your café?

There are three main types of lighting for café - task, ambient, and accent lighting. Proper lighting gives a lovely ambience to the place, and it should be in sync with the core theme of your café and highlight your brand image.

For café, warm-toned lights are always preferred since they give a more homey and comfortable vibe. Make sure there’s a perfect balance of brightness and contrast in your café to create a cozy, comfortable environment for your guests.

Bar & Club

Bars and clubs are all about creating vibrant or dramatic scene to provide a greater sense of energy and entertainment, and nothing sets the mood like good lighting. In a bar or nightclub, the most commonly used lighting are: ambient lighting, task lighting and feature lighting. You can apply brighter lighting or use different coloured lighting around a bar to create a striking, eye catching scene, while ambient lighting will determine the feel of the bar area.

At Lightmart365, we supply and design lighting for all types of bar projects from pubs and clubs to hospitality bars, there are various options available when designing bar or club lighting, such as LED strip lighting, LED dimmers, ceiling lighting, mood lighting, and under cabinet and under bar lighting.

Our LED strip light series come in a variety of single colors as well as versatile RGB, and these are great for creating a customized lighting experience in your bar or club. Since LED strip lights can be curved, cut, and connected to fit virtually anywhere, they provide attractive indirect lighting underneath countertops, around barbacks and even in hidden corners and alcoves.