Product Highlights & Features:
- Highlight your focused area of object with projecting focused lighting from the eyeball downlight.
- Very strong and high durable body case material which made of die cast aluminium compared to aluminium.
- Maximize the spreading of light beam with Aluminium Reflector which preferred in areas with high ceilings where bright lighting is needed.
- Wide opening diameter of 110mm, which has wider beam angle to illuminate the area or object.
- Adjustable light beam with tilting angle of 30 degree
- Well-designed structure, which gives perfect heating dissipation function.
- Long service life without frequent replacement, reduce maintenance cost.
- Easy & safe to install
- No noise and no flickering

Application Areas:
- Home: Living Hall, Kitchen, Dining Room, Lounge
- Commercial: Hotel, Retail Outlet, Art Gallery, Museum, Factory, Office, Hospital, Stairway, Airport, Art Studio, Restaurant, Showroom, Exhibition, etc.

Product Specifications:
- Fitting Colour: White
- Case: Die Cast Aluminium Ring, Aluminium Reflector, White Frame
- Wattage: 5W / 7W
- LED Colour: 3000K (Warm White), 4000K (Cool White)
- Lumen: 5W = 500lm / 520lm  |   7W = 630lm / 640lm
- Non-Dimmable
- Beam Angle: 38 Degrees
- Tilting Angle: 30 Degrees
- CRI: 80
- Input Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50Hz
- IP 20
- Product Dimension: 130mm (Dia.) x 62mm (H.)
- Opening Dimension: 110mm (Dia.)

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