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Some events start anew every year. And some start new with a new home. May it be students renting a home or fresh graduates that just started their first apartment. Perhaps you want to complete a studio consisting of two rooms with lights that are bright enough yet affordable for someone to meet their daily needs, especially if the studio is separated into different spaces.


A home of any shape or size is a way to express ourselves, so we tend to decorate it the way we would love it to look. Lights are part of the expression. May it be rustic, minimalistic, colourful. There are many ways to fit these adaptive yet decorative lights into the two different rooms you wish to apply them to. May you be a young couple or a fresh graduate with money to pay for a two-roomed studio, this is the package to choose.


The decorative yet exquisite lights are sure to stun your company of friends and family, bringing up the room's atmosphere as excitement and awe is expressed. Colors change to fit into the mood and match the ambience desired. Would you want to relax, read or watch a movie? There are different colors to match the ambience. With two separate rooms, these lights can change your atmosphere almost instantly. And most exciting part, is that all the lightings in your house can be remote controlled by your mobile app, or even your voice. This is the unique part of smart lighting, and this premium package can achieve this magic in your house.


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