BENTLEE | Walkway Spike Light

Colour Temperature: 3000K
Sale priceRM180.00 MYR


BENTLEE | Walkway Spike Light

This spike lamp is commonly used in gardens and parks as a lighting instrument. The spike light's aluminium body protects the fixture from the elements, while the acrylic lamp head refracts the light from the bulb, making it appear brighter. Furthermore, because this spike light is waterproof (IP55), water drops on the fixture while watering the plants will not affect the light source within. This spike light is an excellent choice for an outdoor spotlight due to its high IP certifications. This spike also has a high brightness with low electric power consumption, thanks to LED technology, which is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective.  We have two light bulb options to accompany this spike light: warm white light and cold white light. Because the yellowish lights make your overgrown garden look even more vivid, these LED colours are frequently employed on landscape and garden areas.

You can create a completely different atmosphere with the spike lights. They can also be used to create focal points. Create a romantic dinner setting, or throw a vibrant party with the lights turned on. With the spike lights, a garden party is guaranteed to be a hit. After a simple installation, these spike lights will stand gracefully proud, illuminating your courtyard, grass, or floral arrangement. This Spike light may be used for two things: setting an atmosphere for specific spots you want to draw attention to, or as a practical option for gloomy nights. They can thrive in even the tiniest of gardens.



BENTLEE | Walkway Spike Light

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