Lightings for Interior Design

Everyone wish to have a dream house with grand interior design. Scanty good looking furniture and fancy art works decorations are the essentials for an elegant dream house. Other than that, lighting system could be the reason that make your design to be the unique one. The way you match your lighting system with the design of your space could bring you a totally different feeling.

   A lot of studies about lightings need to be done for a proper interior design planning. Light fittings could decorative your house and also destroy your view. Here's are some tips about how to choose a good fitting for your lighting system to match up with the design idea in your mind.

Modern Ideas

  Modern design can hit the most customers in this era. A house which looks modern, fancy and high-end could bring luxury feeling to the people who stay in the area. The lightings that suitable for modern design houses mostly show creativity. For example the stylish wall lamps pendants. These lightings shows the style and uniqueness of the owner. The lighting system with smart lights control would be a plus for a modern house. 


Vintage Ideas

  Some people says that old is the best. They maximize their antique ideas and thinking on the interior design of their houses. To match the old-fashioned, retro style furniture, a 80's vintage wall lamp with sconce would be an option for indoor lightings. Crystal chandelier hangs above the dining table could increase the class of your dining area. For colour temperature, 2700K to 3000K could imitate the old style houses which illuminate the area with candles. 



  Talk about interior design, minimalist is the topic that we should discuss about. This mindset is one of the famous ideas in modern people mind. Minimalist visualize your creativity in the simplest way. For minimalist ideas interior design, we can use RGB strip lights, hide the strip behind the walls and the furniture. Your house will be illuminated by these strip lights with the colour temperature you wanted but none of a single lighting fixtures show up in your view. Hence, the minimal design wont be destroyed by the lightings. 


  Interior design is very subjective, 100 people could give out 100 best solution of interior design for the same place. The most important thing is to visualize your thinking in the most propriate and comfortable way.