RGB and LED. What's the difference?

  Recently we had heard about RGB when we doing lighting accessories purchases. Anyone be curious about what does RGB means, and what is the difference between RGB light bulbs and normal LED light bulbs?

  RGB, are the first letters stand for Red, Green, and Blue respectively. The term "RGB LED" means that the LEDs emit lights in these colours, also called colour changing in common. RGB light bulbs are the members from Smart Lighting family, the colours emit from the light bulb can be adjusted according to your mood. Special moods can be created such as dusky and romantic by applying RGB bulbs. Besides that, RGB bulbs can also simulating sunset, sunrise and even dawns. All you need is just a LED controller to control the LED colour emitted from the bulbs.

Shall I Choose RGB or LED?

  RGB is actually LED bulbs, but the LED here representing the light bulbs which can only emitting one kind of colour temperature such warm white or daylight. The way to choose between RGB bulbs and normal LED bulbs is very simple. You may choose LED bulbs if the main purpose of the bulb is to illuminate your space or to provide vision. For example, the bulbs you installed on desk lamp and bedside lamp. LED bulb is the most efficient and essential option. 

  So, when to choose RGB bulbs? RGB would be the first choice if you want to create an area which looks modern and deluxe by applying different colour of lights. Other than that, property showrooms would be better with RGB bulbs installed. Agents could demonstrate how your house will look like in different atmosphere by changing the LED colour. 

  Now you know the difference between RGB bulbs and normal LED bulbs. Make your choice now at Lightmart365.com for your house.