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Showing 1 - 24 of 59 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 59 products
OLYMPIA | Clear Disc PendantOLYMPIA | Clear Disc Pendant
Sale priceRM149.90 MYR
OLYMPIA | Clear Disc Pendant
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OLYMPIA | Iron Glass Melt PendantOLYMPIA | Iron Glass Melt Pendant
Sale priceRM299.90 MYR
OLYMPIA | Iron Glass Melt Pendant
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SHERIDAN | Crystal Layered ChandelierSHERIDAN | Crystal Layered Chandelier
Sale priceFrom RM384.90 MYR
SHERIDAN | Crystal Layered Chandelier
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ROXANA | Cage Pendant ClusterROXANA | Cage Pendant Cluster
Sale priceRM129.90 MYR
ROXANA | Cage Pendant Cluster
HESTIA | Grey Layered PendantHESTIA | Grey Layered Pendant
Sale priceRM349.90 MYR
HESTIA | Grey Layered Pendant
ARTHEMIS | Nordic Cone PendantARTHEMIS | Nordic Cone Pendant
Sale priceRM52.15 MYR Regular priceRM74.50 MYR
ARTHEMIS | Nordic Cone Pendant
ARTHEMIS | Nordic Flat PendantARTHEMIS | Nordic Flat Pendant
Sale priceRM75.00 MYR Regular priceRM98.00 MYR
ARTHEMIS | Nordic Flat Pendant
ARTHEMIS | Nordic Lantern PendantARTHEMIS | Nordic Lantern Pendant
Sale priceRM75.00 MYR Regular priceRM97.00 MYR
ARTHEMIS | Nordic Lantern Pendant
ROXANA | Tetrahedron Pendant ClusterROXANA | Tetrahedron Pendant Cluster
Sale priceRM89.90 MYR
ROXANA | Tetrahedron Pendant Cluster
VELICIA | Black Vertigo Pendant LightVELICIA | Black Vertigo Pendant Light
Sale priceFrom RM1,235.00 MYR
VELICIA | Black Vertigo Pendant Light
ABNER | Long Tube Pendant LightABNER | Long Tube Pendant Light
Sale priceRM164.50 MYR
ABNER | Long Tube Pendant Light
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ARIES | Modern Nordic LED PendantARIES | Modern Nordic LED Pendant
Sale priceFrom RM1,899.00 MYR
ARIES | Modern Nordic LED Pendant
DREAM | Nordic Astronaut Ceiling LampDREAM | Nordic Astronaut Ceiling Lamp
Sale priceRM587.50 MYR Regular priceRM700.00 MYR
DREAM | Nordic Astronaut Ceiling Lamp
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TAURUS | Magnetic Cylinder Pendant LightTAURUS | Magnetic Cylinder Pendant Light
Sale priceRM136.50 MYR Regular priceRM195.50 MYR
TAURUS | Magnetic Cylinder Pendant Light
ELANDA | Caged Pendant LightELANDA | Caged Pendant Light
Sale priceRM219.90 MYR Regular priceRM249.90 MYR
ELANDA | Caged Pendant Light
REGINA | 3-Light PendantREGINA | 3-Light Pendant
Sale priceRM219.00 MYR Regular priceRM299.00 MYR
REGINA | 3-Light Pendant
ATREUS | Geometric Glass Pendant LightATREUS | Geometric Glass Pendant Light
BRILLANT | Crystal Wing Pendant LightBRILLANT | Crystal Wing Pendant Light
Sale priceRM249.00 MYR
BRILLANT | Crystal Wing Pendant Light
Vakkerlight | Serge Mouille Ceiling LightVakkerlight | Serge Mouille Ceiling Light
Sale priceFrom RM1,499.00 MYR
Vakkerlight | Serge Mouille Ceiling Light
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BOVER | Semi Flush Ceiling LightBOVER | Semi Flush Ceiling Light
Sale priceRM1,499.00 MYR
BOVER | Semi Flush Ceiling Light
Vency | Flower Ceiling LightVency | Flower Ceiling Light
Sale priceFrom RM1,499.00 MYR
Vency | Flower Ceiling Light
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Vency | Coral Ceiling LightVency | Coral Ceiling Light
Sale priceRM2,339.00 MYR
Vency | Coral Ceiling Light
ROXANA | Multi Color Glass Shade Pendant LightROXANA | Multi Color Glass Shade Pendant Light
ATURIA | Wooden Stack Pendant LightATURIA | Wooden Stack Pendant Light
Sale priceRM669.00 MYR Regular priceRM950.00 MYR
ATURIA | Wooden Stack Pendant Light

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