Power Supply: Choose The Suitable One For Your Strip Light

To use magic, one must use a source filled with magical energy. Our strip lights are one of them. And to find the perfect and suitable source of energy for these strip lights. The recipe for the ideal energy source includes the factors of voltage and dimmability, considering that they make sure that the strip lights you purchase will not overheat and fail quickly. This article should detail the different elements you need to install and power these strip lights.


The first step is to figure out the voltage of the strip light, the majority being 12V or 24V. You should verify the input voltage and output voltage to be compatible with the strip light’s voltage. It is essential to do this as a lower flow of voltage through the strip light may not allow for it to work. If the voltage flow is too high, the strip light will be overflowed by too much energy and overheat, causing it to fail.


If the LED strip light you desire should be dimmable, the power supply you choose should also have dimming capabilities. The power supply should have certain transistors that change the amount of voltage flow through the strip light. You should also check the strip light bought to see if they are labelled as dimmable or non-dimmable.

Power Supply Wattage Calculation


The formula of calculating the power consumption of a strip light is as below:


Power Consumption = LED strip (Length) x Wattage LED strip per meter x 1.3 (Buffer)


For example, to choose a capable power supply for Ornate Special strip light, we have to get clear about its specification first. Ornate Special is a 12V and 14.4W x 5 Meter strip light. Applying the specification into the equation above, we will get 5 x 14.4 x 1.3 = 93.6W. The multiplication of the 1.3 buffer is to leave out some space for the power flow between the power supply and the strip light and to extend the lifespan of both power supply and strip light as long as possible. 93.6W as result and now we know the most capable power supply for Ornate Special strip light would be definitely the 12V100W power supply.


Overall, despite strip light being a magical yet straightforward looking light, you should consider many objectives such as the Voltage and Dimmability Factor as they are essential to your available usage. For every simple object you could see, there is a complicated method behind it, which is why this article is for you to see. 

Check out the smart lights available to bring this simple magic into your home, bringing in the ambiences you want to your dream home.

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